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 Raven's Recommended Forum Mods for RN 

We're excited to be working on some developments to enable the conversion of to RavenCMS.  Although RavenCMS already has Quick Reply and Palbin's Pseudo Subforums, RavenPHPScripts uses other mods that might not be applicable to all sites.

Click the image to view screenshots highlighting the modifications, and read more for additional details.

Stay tuned for updates... (updated December 26, 2013)

Forum modifications include:

  • Topic
    • SpasticDonkey's Advanced BBCode (ABBC) Box
    • Code Highlighting featuring Highlight (ABBC addon)
    • Nuken's Hashtag mod
    • Quote Selected (adapted and extended for all browsers in addition to IE)
    • Hide Links (for unregistered users, adapted to use a CSS class for formatting)
    • Display Poster Information Once
    • Automatic Subject on Reply
    • Forum Image Class (adapted from Nuken Guardian's CSS max-width on image)
  • Forum
    • Mouse Hover Topic Boxover (fixed to show certain links correctly)
    • Separate Announcements and Sticky
  • Notification
    • Forum Notification (Watch This Forum, similar to Watch This Topic)
    • Extended PM (to include user name, but not content)
    • Technocrat's PM After Sign Up (formerly Send PM on User Register) (enhanced and adapted for RNYA)

We're considering several additional mods, including:

  • Topic Reply Social Links (to be developed from several mods / discussions)
  • Neralex's Enhanced Glance
  • Split Topic Type (separate Stickies, Announcements, Global Announcements, Regular topics)
  • SpasticDonkey's Profile and Signature Spam Control

. Posted on Sunday, July 21, 2013 @ 00:08:57 UTC by kguske   .
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