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 Concept: tabbed admin and site preferences 

RN Tabbed Admin This is a proof of concept for a tabbed admin interface involving very few code changes to the existing RavenNuke 2.5.  This is NOT planned for a future release, though there has been discussion about having a similar approach using a more mobile-friendly accordion approach.  Since this was already developed based on GazJ's Admin Stats addon, I chose to use it to demonstrate:

  • a way to group tabs or accordion panels for admin functions (e.g. tabs for each of Administration, Modules, Info, (if selected) the selected option
  • a way to group tabs or accordion panels for the preferences function
  • highlight some potential issues of using an approach like this

NOTE Click image to demo screens and read more for considerations.

Admin Function Considerations

  • How to label tabs?  The current "Administration Menu" and  "Modules Administration" should be shortened to Administration and Modules. Develop language constants for the op codes or group the op codes by function and set the tab label in the included admin modules file.
  • What to show by default?  In this example, the adminMain tab is displayed by default. If nothing is selected, it could default to the Admin tab or the Info tab (which is intended to be the Admin Stats tab)
  • If an admin function is selected, this could either replace the admin stats / Info tab or be displayed in addition to it (however, keeping the info tab would require additional overhead to display that information in addition to the selected admin function).

Site Preferences Considerations

  • General Site Info
    • Should Graphics and Banners have their own tabs or grouped separately?
    • Should this be renamed "General"?
  • Footer Messages
    • With nukeWYSIWYG™, this could require scrolling - though much less than the current option
  • Localizations
  • News
    • Should this be moved to the News administration function?
  • Censure
    • Should this be grouped with Comments?
  • Comments
    • Should this be moved to Comments administration?
  • Backend
    • Should this be removed in favor of nukeFEED or a new "mobile" version?
  • Notifications
    • Should this be moved to News administration?
    • Are there other site notifications that should be maintained here (e.g. user registration?)
  • Users
    • Should this be moved to Users administration?

These are just some considerations.  Please discuss this in the RavenNuke forums at

. Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 22:25:23 UTC by kguske   .
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