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. . . introduces nukeSPAM(tm) to block spammer registration 
nukeSPAM (tm)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., USA, Feb 12, 2012 -- nukeSEO (WWW: released the first version of nukeSPAM™ today. nukeSPAM™ enables site using the RavenNuke™ content management system (CMS) to prevent user registration by known spammers. It features:

  • Configurable blocking via 3 public spam databases and 14 DNS blacklists
  • Advanced logging, reporting and false positive resolution
  • Advanced whitelist maintenance
  • Administrator test function

Click the image below to view a set of screenshots of features (make sure to read the full article additional information!):

nukeSPAM™ can be downloaded here (free membership required).  Although nukeSPAM™ administration automatically creates the necessary database tables, integration with RavenNuke member registration requires minor code changes (instructions are included).

nukeSPAM™ uses code developed for the Spambot Search Tool, enhanced for use with RavenNuke™ CMS. It uses several jQuery addons to display the log of blocked registrations and maintain a list of protected usernames, email and IP addresses, including DataTables (grid), jQuery Editable (inline editing), and jQuery UI.  Installed jQuery UI themes can be selected for use with nukeSPAM™ in the configuration.

It can be configured to check 3 databases of known spammers, including:

  • BotScout
  • fSpamList
  • StopForumSpam

and 14 DNS blacklists, including:

  • - Drone
  • - HTTPBL
  • - Spam
  • - Zeus
  • AHBL (Abusive Hosts Blacklist)
  • DroneBL
  • EFNet
  • Project HoneyPot
  • Sorbs
  • SpamHaus
  • SpamCop
  • Tornevall
  • Tor Project

Development of nukeSPAM™ was sponsored by Sassafras Systems and included design input and testing assistance from:

Possible future enhancements to nukeSPAM™ include:

  • Integration with other modules / functions (e.g. Feedback, Contact Us)
  • Ability to submit spammers to spam databases
  • Functions to check (suspend, remove) existing users
  • Log purging

This release and additional information about nukeSEO are also available on the Internet at:


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