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 Coming soon: nukeSPAM(tm) stops spammers from registering 
nukeSPAM (tm)

Had enough with forum spam in your RavenNuke™ site?  Want to stop them from registering - before they clog up your user accounts and before they post spam to your forums, comments or other user-only content on your site? nukeSPAM™ stops spammers before they start by checking username, email address and IP address against multiple databases of known spammers (e.g. BotScout, ProjectHoneyPot, SpamCop, Spamhaus, StopForumSpam, and more).

On another site that frequently received spammer registration, implementing a Beta version of nukeSPAM™ caused spam registrations to drop from several per day to NONE.  That's correct - the site hasn't had a single spam registration since implementing nukeSPAM™.  While that doesn't mean spammers will never be able to register there again, it certainly saves site administrators and moderators a LOT of time.

Read more for background and future direction of nukeSPAM.


While working on a new RavenNuke™ enhancement (no details yet, but it should be NICE!), we were having to spend too much time removing forum spam from several sites we support. This caused delays in the development of legitimate functional enhancements, and forced us to divert attention to the development of nukeSPAM™. Fortunately, the Spambot Search Tool was developed and enhanced, enabling fairly simple integration of powerful tools to identify spammers. nukeSPAM™ integrates these tools with the RavenNuke™ Your Account user registration and promises additional tools and enhancements for preventing registration and posting of forum, comment and potentially other types of content spam.


Before nukeSPAM™ can be released, it needs administration ability to maintain the API keys required by several important spam databases.  It also needs tweaks on the reporting functions.

Possible future enhancements include:

  • Ability to check and, if appropriate, suspend existing user accounts
  • Content-level filtering through services like Akismet

We will coordinate enhancements with the RavenNuke™ team and with other great RavenNuke™ tools like Site Guardian from

. Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2011 @ 14:57:35 UTC by kguske   .
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