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Are dynamic titles important?

Are dynamic titles important?

First, to clarify, the use of dynamic titles refers to changing the page <TITLE> element based on the contents of the page, rather than having a single TITLE element for the entire site. 

The value of the TITLE element appears at the top of the browser and may be used by search engines to identify a short description of a web page.  This dual -purpose use makes the TITLE element extremely important both for usability and for search engine optimization.  In addition, the TITLE element frequently appears at the top of a printed web page.

Since the length of the text in the TITLE element used for various purposes and extra text is usually truncated, the most important text (i.e. that which describes the page) should be displayed first.  The value of the TITLE element should generally be kept to 64 characters.  For example, "Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions -" would be better than " - Frequently Asked Questions - Search Engine Optimization" because an important word, Optimization, might be truncated in the latter.

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