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Should I submit my site to every search engine?

Should I submit my site to every search engine?

Several factors may influence your decisions as to which search engines in which you desire to have your site listed.  Just as you determine which search terms you want to have high search engine rankings, where those searches occur can impact your site traffic - the number and frequency of visitors.  Having high rankings on a search engine no one uses doesn't help.  Limiting your submissions to a few engines may also limit your traffic.

Over the years, has used several measures to report search engine statistics, including searches per day, search hours per day, visits per day, surveys and more.  The latest statistics for searches per day, as of July 2005, show that the top 4 search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL) account for almost 90% of daily searches.  Clearly, these four search engines should be on your submission list.

Some of these search engines (and many others) look for inclusions in web directories like DMOZ  to determine if a site should be included and what its ranking should be.  Thus, it is important to submit to those sites as well.

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